About Us.

We run activities for young adults, focusing on 14 to 25 year olds.

Create your own community project

Put a fire into your community, set up a team.


Show that you love your local community by joining a local team.

Run a project

Many of our neighbours would like to see more community projects but struggle to know where to start. We have tools to help anyone find out what their community is likely to participate in, recruit other leaders and participants as well as help running the events.


Anyone can be a leader. Our definition of leading is, if you weren't there, the event would not happen. If you can make something happen in your community than you are the type of leader we need.


Volunteering is not just for the leaders, those who take an active role in participating are just as important. If you can come along, as an adult, and not cause anyone any problems, we would love to have you participate in one of our projects.

Our Sponsors

Investing in our communities is the right thing to do.
We work on a low cost, no cost model
and make sure our money goes a long way!